Monday, March 16, 2009

Awesome Bugs!

I discovered a flourescant light at the bath house that gathered the most interesting collection of insects. I started bringing my camera along with the my toothbrush and here's a sample of the moths I found.

They're patterning is just exquisite and reminds me of the magic of nature and how all things have developed over time for function, but also pure beauty.

Grubs, large grubs, not so beautiful but still really awesome.

This little guy and I played hide and seek, everytime I moved the camera to get a better shot, he moved to the other side of the stalk. I think he looks a little like darth vader, yet somehow really cute.

Private moments...

Okay, not a bug, but still really neat patterning. Just had to include him.

Scorpions are huge here. This one was found two feet from my feet, while I was all alone. Good thing I am still a lot bigger than him.

And caterpillars, turn into...


I guess Thailand's theme for bugs: Big & Beautiful!

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